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 Play Where You Live! The Benefits Are

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Cooking and Gardening Camp
12 Dancing Princesses Camp
(1 offering)
Angelina Ballerina Dance Camp
(1 offering)
Club 420 Sailing Camp
(1 offering)
Engineering FUNdamentals with Legos
(1 offering)
Fencing Camp
(2 offerings)
Food Around the World Camp
(1 offering)
Garden Art Camp
(2 offerings)
Gardening and Fiber Arts Camp
(2 offerings)
Glee Week
(2 offerings)
Junior Science Explorers
(1 offering)
(3 offerings)
Knitting and Weaving Camp
(2 offerings)
Knitting Camp
(1 offering)
LO Explorers
(5 offerings)
LO Teen Service Corps Camps
(4 offerings)
Mini Music Camp
(2 offerings)
Moving with Science
(1 offering)
Nature on the Farm Camp
(2 offerings)
Recording and Music Technology Camp
(1 offering)
Rocket Lab
(1 offering)
Scene of the Crime
(1 offering)
Shake it Up Dance Camp
(1 offering)
Tinker Bell Dance Camp
(1 offering)
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"Play Where You Live"